Wellshare Sydney CBD

Suite 1, Level 5/428 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Wellshare is on a mission to modernise healthcare. We aim to help practitioners build their brand, work flexibly, and reclaim autonomy over their professional lives. Our goal is to assist practitioners in attracting and retaining patients by delivering the highest quality of care within our community. Our co-working spaces offer the opportunity to join a unique community of health professionals. We aspire to build the largest network in Australia, making it more convenient for practitioners and their patients. Our Belief We believe that health practitioners need five key elements for a fulfilled professional life: Autonomy Purpose Education Financial reward Community Every day, we strive to provide these elements to our members at Wellshare. Our Vision We fundamentally believe that health practitioners desire independence and autonomy. They want to be creative and masters of their chosen discipline. They seek to build relationships with other practitioners and find a supportive community. And while it may sometimes be difficult to admit, they also want to be financially rewarded for their hard work and effort. Wellshare is a platform designed to help solo practitioners discover a better way to practise their passion. We call this the Wellshare Way.

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