How do I book an appointment?

Input your search query into any of the search fields and search for a Practitioner, by health concern near you. Once you have selected the Practitioner or clinic that you want, there should be an appointment form on the page. Submit the form and our team will then connect you with an available practitioner who best matches your needs.

What are Preventative Doctors?

Preventative Doctors are those who try to find the root cause of any health concerns you have and look at you as a whole person. These may be Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners, Integrative Practitioners, Functional Medicine Practitioners and more. They will not just treat your symptom. They might use a range of allied health professionals to support your health concerns and try to help you.

Why should I go to see Preventative Doctor?

More than 50% of Australians have chronic health conditions but 33% of these are preventable if they had been addressed sooner. Seeing a Preventative Health Practitioner will help focus on treating your health in a range of holistic ways as a whole person.

Is there a cost associated with using Health Hunter's services?

No, Health Hunter does not charge patients for using our platform to connect with health practitioners. Our goal is to make preventative healthcare accessible to all Australians, contributing to a healthier and more informed society.

What types of practitioners are available on Health Hunter?

Health Hunter offers access to a range of health practitioners, these may be Integrative GPs, Lifestyle medicine GPs, Functional GPs, health coaches and more. These practitioners are dedicated to providing preventative healthcare solutions to reduce the impact of chronic health conditions.

What is the goal of Health Hunter in reducing the impact of chronic health issues?

Health Hunter aims to create an ecosystem for preventative healthcare, connecting Australians with practitioners who specialise in Integrativ, lifestyle and/or functional medicine. By facilitating early intervention and personalised care, our platform seeks to minimise the impact of chronic health conditions.