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Dr. Denise Powell

I was raised in Regional Queensland where I now live and work as a GP supervisor and Practice owner, Breast Physician and Director of UQRCS in Bundaberg. I graduated with First Class Honours in Medicine at UQ many moons ago. With my learning being deficient in Nutrition and its application to good health along with the obesity epidemic unfolding in front of us, I obtained a Grad Dip in Human Nutrition Deakin and by Distance) also many moons ago. Along the way, I have received a Master‚'s in Family Medicine and Fellowships to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners; Australasian Society of Breast Physicians and now Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine as well as postgraduate qualifications in Health Professional Education and Ultrasound. Living and working in a socio-economically challenged community, I see the importance and yet the huge challenge of facilitating opportunities to improve health without the current emphasis on technology, buildings and pharmaceuticals as the beacons of healthcare.
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