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Our Practitioners

Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician

Dr. Santhini Kumaran

Dr Santhini Kumaran is a Developmental & Behavioural Paediatrician and a Fellow of ASLM. She is co-Director of Hills Paediatrics and Founder of n of 1 Connective. She also works at Tharawal Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) and provides outreach to Katungul AMS (Southern NSW). Santhini takes a holistic approach to neurodevelopmental and behavioural differences. Her diagnostic and therapeutic approach is informed by her own personal and professional experiences and the individual child‚'s context (i.e. environment life story their future goals and their overall wellbeing). Santhini regularly shares insights on her 'n of 1' social media pages (LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/n-of-1-child-health-development-and-wellbeing-consultancy-coaching)(FACEBOOK: @nof1ChildHealthDevelopmentWellbeing) (INSTAGRAM: @nof1_child_wellbeing)
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